Criminal Defense


    When you face criminal charges, retaining a criminal defense attorney may seem intimidating if you do not know how to look for reliable help with your situation. To assure your rights are protected you must have competent counsel and defense. Mr. Brace has more than 25 years of experience with criminal charges just like the ones you are faced with today.

    BraceLaw is a private practice law firm in Sacramento specializing in State & Federal criminal defense with confidentiality and desecration. Mr. Brace has represented people, in all walks of life, facing their most devastating personal issues. You will never meet with an associate, you will meet and deal personally with only Mr. Brace. Dan Brace has the knowledge and experience to provide you with advice to see you through this troubled time. In all criminal proceedings there are many potential outcomes and you will need guidance to assess which will have the best result for you. Mr. Brace has advocated options from a no-appearance settlement, to negotiating lesser charges or if necessary, to a full jury trial. All of your options will be examined. As your attorney, he will evaluate your charges and thoroughly explain the legal process you are facing. With his individual attention to resolving your issue you will be empowered to make the most important decision you will ever have to make. When considering that your future life hangs in the balance, BRACE YOURSELF with BraceLaw.

    The firm provides full representation for clients from bail, pre-trial discovery and motion practice, and court appearances in all Federal or State courts. And should there be a need, write and argue appeals in Appellate Division and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

    We negotiate bail reductions, minimize fines, and advocate reduced jail time and promote jail alternatives. We aggressively fight illegal searches, exaggerated charges and illegal arrests.

    Many clients wish to resolve their matter without going to the expense and hardship of a jury trial, but hope to avoid a jail sentence. Our goal is for the ultimate liberation of our client, continuation of his freedom, and minimize the effect to his personal and work life. For this reason we explore all alternatives, including weekend work, work furlough, electronic monitoring, alcohol and drug programs, psychological counseling, anger management courses and many other jail alternatives.

    Our focus is on winning when there is a case to be won, and on damage control when there is a case that can be settled with a minimum of consequences. You will find that Mr. Brace has a unique ability to bring people together in settlement or will vigorously try a case that needs to go to trial.

  • Three Strikes Law

    Consequences of the California Three Strikes Law: There are many crimes in California that are "Strike Offenses". Those charges involve violent crimes against another person. These felony convictions carry the most serious penalties and the strike(s) will remain on your record for life. You will lose your ability to vote and to ever be in the possession of a weapon. Mr. Brace has years of experience in representing all of the criminal charges on the adjacent list. Those "strike" felony charges are noted with an asterisk *.


    DUI’s are tough charges with difficult consequences if you are convicted. If this is not your first offense, the potential penalties both criminal and economic are significant. This firm over the years has represented scores of individuals charged with DUI offenses. We keep fully apprised of all recent developments in the law in this area.

    The charge of driving under the influence has two different aspects, the Court and DMV proceedings. One has criminal penalties and the other effects your driving privilege. If you are charged with driving while under the influence and your blood/alcohol content is alleged to be .08% or higher, DMV may suspend your driving privilege after 30 days unless the charges are challenged. We provide highly successful representation before the DMV in administrative hearings, therefore most individuals will need advice and representation at both proceedings.


    If you have been charged with a controlled-substance violation the charges can mount up fast. Having an experienced and local defense attorney from the early stages can often make a big difference in the ultimate outcome of your case. If this is not your first offense, retaining an Mr. Brace as your advocate is vital to your future. This is no time to go to a public agency for help.

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