Fees & Policy

  • Criminal Defense Fee

    There is no charge for your initial consultation. We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you. You may not have any idea how a private criminal defense attorney charges for services, but you DO know you cannot defend yourself. How your arrest will affect your future is the immediate and most valuable information you will gain from an experienced attorney. The facts surrounding your arrest and the seriousness of the charges are the factors that will determine the time involved in your defense. With years of experience in representing clients who have faced the same charges, Mr. Brace will quote a reasonable fee during your interview. We accept all major credit cards and when necessary, affordable pre-arranged payment plans are possible.

    Fees are on a case by case basis, depending on the seriousness of the charges. Mr. Brace does not charge a fee for your initial consultation. Your fee will be quoted in advance. Fees are determined by the complexity of the charges, the estimated time in each phase of your case from arraignment to pre-trial issues and to a trial, if necessary.

  • Personal Injury

    There is never a charge for your initial in-person consultation. There are no attorney fees until after your case is resolved. We will advance the costs related to taking your case forward. Most cases are handled on a contingency basis and these rates are negotiable. There are never attorney fees charged until your case is resolved.

  • Business and Civil Cases

    Most issues relating to business clients are quoted with hourly rates. Civil Litigation fees are also quoted on an hourly basis with advance retainers often required based on the type of action involved to initiate litigation.

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